Crianza 2004

14.5% vol

Region: D.O. Toro

Varieties : Tinta de Toro

Notes: This is a bold wine that benefits greatly with two or more hours decanted to get its full potential of subtle american oak notes and smoothness. The oak is not overpowering which results in a relatively nicely balanced and mellow crianza. Good drinking on its own or with steaks, stews, strong cheese, wild boar, venison…

Notas: Se trata de un vino fuerte que se beneficia en gran medida con dos o más horas en el decantador para obtener todo su potencial de sutiles notas de roble americano y fluidez. El roble no es dominante lo que resulta en un crianza relativamente bien equilibrado y suave. Bueno por sí solo o con carnes, guisos, quesos fuertes, jabalí, venado …

Value for money:  7 \ 10

Quality: 7.5 \ 10

Price :  6 euros


2 comments on “GRAN CERMEÑO

  1. Cassandra says:

    Hullo! I just came across your blog and am glad I found it. I’m interested in learning more about wine, and I can finally do that in a country where the wine is so afordable (yay for Spain)! Thanks for passing on the knowledge, Cassandra

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