Reserva 2011

(photo is the crianza)

14.5% vol

Region:  D.O. Toro

Variety:  Tempranillo


I had this at my Spanish friends BBQ, Toro wines keep evolving and refining themselves and this is a very good example of that.

This bold wine comes from Bodegas Frutas Villar which they were first established in 1920, using tempranillo as their main grape.

The is full bodied but has a delicate balance between the dark tempranillo grape and the mainly american oaking from 12-20 moths then another 12 months resting in the bottle.

This matches very well grilled meats as it stands up to the card flavouring, this wine is highly recommended and it will be hard to find a Rioja Reserva of the same quality at this price point (obviously very different style of wine).

Overall this Tinto from Toro is of great personality and character, while still being smooth  and balanced.

Value for money:   8.25 /   10

Quality:   90 points

Price:  11 euros


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