Introduction from a Wine Enthusiast

Introduction from a Wine Enthusiast

Hello, my name is Ben, an Australian living in Spain. I’m starting this blog because a very good spanish friend of mine suggested that I should share my ideas and findings, specially in these times of crisis, that there is above average to good wines out there which you don’t have to spend “mucho dinero” on. I tend to buy wine from leading supermarkets but also fruit barns, markets, specialty wine shops…and I like to try different wines, not just Rioja and Ribera de Duero, but many other regions in Spain. I find that Joven and Roble are very good value wines, specially when the brand also has Crianza and Reserva options, meaning that usually the younger versons will be of a good standard. The price of the Crianza and Reserva can double or triple, and even though it is a good wine it doesn’t necessarily mean is good value for money, compared to the Joven or Roble. So I’ll be reviewing the wines with a brief description, a score out of ten for value and for quality. In the end apart from debating whether a wine is bad or good it’s all about your personal preference on the type of wines that you like. I wil leave the blog open for comments so you can add your imput on the wines I comment which I will really appreciate.