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  1. Cool. Looking forward to more!

  2. chris janson says:

    hey ben, thanks for the review of the 2011 zontes malbec. i have been contemplating this one for quite a while, and it just dropped to about $7.75 a bott in melbourne,aust.. However, I know that i would be disappointed by it after reading your review. That end palate would be the stickler that ultimately would put anyone off. Out of interest, the zontes 2011 rose is stunning, the 2008 shiraz is very good

    • backspacer77 says:

      It just was not up to the normal quality it is drinkable but I wouldn’t buy any more. I could be that I bought it from wine market and may have been stored properly.
      Zontes sent a couple bottles for free of the 2012 and it was better but not as good as there lakes doctor or canto di lago 2008 or baron von nemesis 2012.
      The malbec was just not good for what ever reason tarty and grainy with unpleasent aftertaste. Could just be me. Would only get one bottle to see if you like.
      You can have mine..hehe

  3. chris says:

    winemarket-i have probably bought 8 different wines from them in last 3 months, and only one case was sent back. chateau tanunda shiraz/cb or cab/shiraz 2011. Thin as diluted cordial. They were more than happy to honour the return commitment. I have to pass on a tip for one of winemarkets thats only available in a 12pack, 6 whites,6 reds. Wine in question in 2008 smith and hooper cab/shiraz/merlot. i was lucky to buy a few red only cases at about 9 a bot…it drinks easily like a twenty eight bucker !! and the smith and hooper ssb – love the anagrams- thats a beautyas well – not too catspissy as the semi is about 51 per cent.. a case for about 96aud or whatever for 12 assorted is probably the in the best three mixes i have ever had. i am presently looking at the harbord merlot 2010,doing a bit of research. cheers, keep drinking. those antioxidants are very good for all of us

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